Monday, February 08, 2016

Hertzan Chimera - 2016 novel - Randall Revisited

it's gonna be about Organic Sex Machines i.e. you and I, transplanted to that special place where horror and art are THE SAME FUCKING THING.

Q: wasn't Hertzan Chimera supposed to be co-writing a novel with Rachael Kozak called Venomist this year?

A: I had a lot of contact last year with the very talented Mz Kozak about this proposed co-work (ideas flowed back and forth on certain technical issues or narrative concepts) all the time explaining that I had time in 2016 and we could explore Venomist some more then. Well, I received the first few pages from Mz Kozak and I have to say, "She's gotta do this on her own," it has her voice, not mine, and it's a very special, unique and exciting voice that all who're interested in chemical-realms and spiritual-realms and ancient-history-realms need to experience for themselves.

Randall? I wrote a book called United States back in the day and it featured a brief visitation to a psycho-horror concrete-chase car-sex world called Randall ... that's what it's going to be about, Revisited. A seering road movie with a distinct whiff of nitroglycerine about it. Or just a forlorn building who lust after some decent garaging.

"There's this lovely little car I've had my eye on for a few weeks now, name of Wendy." ref: The Getaway Girl, one of the original HC-story inspirations for this novel.