Thursday, December 25, 2003

My third Hertzan Chimera novel Yôroppa has just finished. What an awful feeling. I have lived with this 'seaside community' novel for the last few years, writing it in fits and starts. And now the first draft (I don't really do second drafts unless I really wanna rewrite the entire novel, as I did incorporating Red Hedz and two other short novels into Szmonhfu) is finished. Because of the freeform way I wrote it and the non-mainstream themes it deals with, its structure and narrative style, it has come to an abrupt end when I least expected it, 20,000 words short of its intended 100,000 word target.

It's not like I have 'stalled' or got writers block or anything. This really is the end of the novel in every way. The novel can't just go on. This is the way it should end, as befuddling as it is. I had been building up to this since page one really but a real easy solution to the knotted narrative offered itself up over the last few days like a willing sacrificial lamb and I embraced it with all my writing ability. It's not even really about horror (though there are some shocking accounts therein) and it ended up being about something like the Religion of the Reader(!)

Very bizarre, and unexpected.

The thing that annoyed me the most was that after Yôroppa taking me nearly two years to get to 50,000 words, after two stalling periods of writer's block (sic) that lasted nearly six months each, after a Japanese holiday that I thought would inspire the narrative along (and didn't), after a German holiday that I thought would inspire the narrative along (and didn't, really) the last 30,000 words fell from my fingertips like honey from a spoon..... there was no joy or elation, just the inevitability of the words leading to the 'resolution' of certain loose threads.

I had allowed Yôroppa its little 'tantrums' and left it to sulk in a corner (during those above mentioned periods) while I busied myself completing "CHIM & HER", "CHIMERAWORLD #1" and the TERROR TALES RELAUNCH.

Maybe that was all that it was waiting for. A free block of my time? It took its chance and allowed itself to be easily finished. The way it should have always been. I remember it was when I realised, a couple months back, that I should stop trying to be a mainstream horror writer and just write what I truly enjoy with no concern for financial reward or agent/publisher approval that the job became so much easier.

maybe that was it.

Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Last night I officially relaunched Terror Tales ezine. There is a more subtle and easier to navigate design, as those who know the old site will know from first click.

Content highlights include:
An interview with Bruce Campbell.
Articles on Body Mutation, Embalming, Japan Eye, Horror Metal & 3D Games.
There are 14 pieces of fiction from the likes of Ed Lee, Charlee Jacob and Weston Ochse.
There are 6 poets including the great Mike Arnzen.
There is a gallery feature of artist Mitch Phillips.
The Book Review section, like the Terror Tales name, remains from the old site.
The forums are all new.


Friday, December 19, 2003

Okay, page one of a new Blogging life starts right here.... I was watching some show on the TV in the UK the other night. A show called HORIZON - now remember this was one of my favourite shows EVER.

A travesty it has become.

HORIZON used to hold up the banner for me as an inquisitive 'yoof' such as I was twenty or more years back - it explored the boundaries of physics in a way that those dull Open University programmes on at 7am Sunday morning never did. It had content, for the love of Christ.

Last night's show was about TIME, and to be quite frank, it was ludicrous pop-culturised trash of the highest order.

In respect of how great HORIZON used to be, I will now lay down the basics of my Hertzan Chimera Unit. My own personal physics theory.


I love Noble Gases. Noble gases are the great loners of the universe. Is it just me who sees Noble gases as the key to the atom, the pre hydrogen, the bearer of the Big Bang?

Helium, the first Noble Gas in the Atomic Table of Periodicity weighs 4 atomic units. Each of these four atomic units have electromagnetic components but Noble Gases refuse to bond electromagnetically. There is no net static charge from a Noble Gas.

This says something fundamental to me. It says, "I am trapped in jail and no fucker is gonna let me out." It also tells me something more fundamental about the real structure of Helium.

In contemporary models of the Helium atom, you got two protons (net charge of +1), you got two gluey neutrons (net charge of 0) and you got two virtually massless electrons (net charge of -1). An atom is said to be Noble when it has filled electron 'shells' in the combinations 2, 8, 8, 16.... blah blah balh. Totally arbitrary rules with no understanding.

In the Hertzan Chimera noble atom, there are no electrons. There are no protons. Each Hertzan Chimera Unit is the universe pulling in from all directions, multidimensionally. FACT. This is the only way it can work, the universe is made of gravity and this gravitiy manifests itself in specific 3-dimensional regions of our space in the form of NEUTRONS.

Yes, those beauties who are only attributed with half the Helium nucleus content. Neutrons. They are mass 1, net charge 0 entities. They are a measurable result of this multi-dimensional gravity. They 'weigh' something.

Now, these gravitational entities (I see them like a multidimensional representation similar in structure to the rotating dynamic of spiral galaxies, spinning as the universe pulls in all directions towards their centre) have physical boundaries that can be exceeded. If these physical boundaries are exceeded, then a electromagnetic component is activated. This electromagnetic component can be either clockwise or anti-clockwise to the multi-dimensional direction of fall in for the specific HC Unit.

In a Helium atom, imagine four spiral galaxies at 90 degrees to each other, arranged in tetrahedral shape that is itself spinning like fury as the excess energy from one HC Unit is sucked up be its adjacent neighbuor. This close-quarters fuelling of the 4-HC-Unit helium atom ensures that there is no net charge for the helium atom to bond with nearby atoms no matter how aggressive their valency.

0_+_0_- see how there is linear non-disruptive flow through the cycle?

Imagine these four HC Units in a helium atom. In this example, you will see how there are four units with three phases; 0 (not exceeded), + (clockwise exceeded) and - (anti-clockwise exceeded). These are not static devices because the electromagnetic component is quickly absorbed into the HC Unit forcing it to flip into the opposite mode. If it was + last time, it can only be - next time... all four spinning around each other, clockwise/anticlockwise actively. No net charge, no reactivity.

There is a geometrically complex 20-element solution for the next Noble gas Neon and the same formula works. These are totally active but totally stable geometric shapes where each excess is absorbed into its neighbour at just the right frequency. This also explains why the Group 1 Alkali Metal LITHIUM is so reactive, there are basically 6 HC Units in a standard Lithium.

+_0_-_0_+_0 - see how the 2 +'s in the 6 HC ring are overpowering the system, breaking it's purity of flow? There is an excess of charge spilling out from the system, hence Lithium's reactivity.

Back to the 'dormant' Neutrons fumbling around in pre-space as all bits of the universe tug and pull. Imagine these 0 net charge entities happily moving around the universe for zillions of years then suddenly... ONE HERTZAN CHIMERA UNIT ignites a chain reaction of electromagnetic exchange....... the "matter" universe is born in one CONCENTRIC ENERGY BLAST. Space is created - the dimensions already existed; there was always gravity. Now the universe has electromagnetic charge, too.

the Big Bang (in the classic sense) is a fallacy

Thursday, December 18, 2003

But what can be done to spice it up?

I know, a competition. That ALWAYS works.

Okay, gimme the answer to this simple question "What was the name of Hertzan Chimera's 1990 novel (hint: he was then using the writing name Michael Paul Peter --- it might help if you visit (you can sorta have a snoop around in the PUBLISHED WORK part of the site)).

I will put all the correct answers in a bowler hat (don't all Englishers have these?) and scoop out the winner.

The winner wins a signed and personally deadicated copy of my most recent paperback novel SZMONHFU.

Send answers to
According to a very good 'programmer' friend of mine, this is an exceedingly dull BLOG - it's tedious, repetitive and there's no fun at all in it, there's no insight into the REAL HERTZAN CHIMERA (whatever that means, since he's a mere keyboard entity shadow of my former self) and worst of all, it reads like a series of pathetic whiny press releases further cementing my place in literary obscurity.

point taken, oh great critical one

From tomorrow then (I mean why do today what you can do tomorrow?) I will turn this fuckin' shambles of a psychoBlogical uncaning into what it was always meant to be '''' ROTTEN FISH '''' and some camel piss for good measure.

you have been summarily warned
It is with great joy that I can officially confirm (I am looking at the text right now on my monitor) that I do indeed have an exclusive interview with none other than Mr Evil Dead ASH, aka Bruce Campbell. There's some wicked revelations in it and it's Bruce Cambell!!!

terror tales relaunches on the 22nd of December, 2003

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Yeah, I know it's a long time to have not written a short story but...
Hey, no excuses, I know. But I have been busy. Chimeraworld editing. Chim & Her editing. Terror Tales (editing and redesigning). Yôroppa (novel 3) rewriting. But last night for one hour, I had time to myself. My very own writer release. Yeah, 1200 words is doable in one hour, it's only 20 words a minute, that's nothing when you got the writing fugue, for Christ's sake.

I am thinking of taking it to W.H.C. in Phoenix this year for the Gross Out Contest.

Tuesday, December 16, 2003

That's looking like the actual date in stone for the relaunch of TERROR TALES E-ZINE. The majority of the content is there right now, just finishing off and waiting on one or two articles.

you guys're gonna love it.

Thursday, December 11, 2003

It is with great pleasure that I announce a new venue willing to support the crazed (and now mostly axe-destroyed) psycho-figurative life-size paintings I did throughout the eighties and early nineties. Many thanks to THE HAMMOND GALLERY for allowing me this display area.

it's always good to air the old laundry

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

With a concerted effort, my third novel Yôroppa has just crashed through the 70,000 word mark and my aim of disintegrating all narrative content from the plot is moving along at a pace. It's a very odd exercise trying to UN WRITE a novel like this, but a worthy one.

At the same time, I am also directing the final touches to the redesign of Terror Tales. The content is beginning to swell the issue and the style is now all but perfect. It is understated, clean and real professional looking. It is gonna look unrecognisable to those regulars to the old Terror Tales in both presentation and content.

My Stoker non-fiction nominated interview book SPIDERED WEB is now also available through EBOOKAD

Saturday, November 29, 2003

Hell is a sorry shit hole

Still reeling from the nightmare excesses of CHIMERAWORLD #1?
Relax a while and enjoy the ambient tones of sadness, depression, degradation and utter hopelessness of CHIMERAWORLD #2. A perfect paperback anti-dote to that brain battering bitch, the pure power-chords of deep, deep despondency. I will again want 23 original stories. 1000-4000 words. Pay is equal share of royalties. And just to speed things up at my end, there's a one month submission window of SEPTEMBER 2004.

There is no hope, only CHIMERAWORLD #2. Available from Cyber Pulp, Q1 2005.
TERROR TALES - quarterly webzine; h (fic/poem). Pay: exposure. Words: up to 1-4k (poems: 100 lines). RT: 2 weeks. Reprints: yes. E-subs: only. Hertzan Chimera, Editor. Issue Two, Theme/Date: Fuck Horror/Easter 2004

The relaunch issue of Terror Tales (BODY HORROR, due Xmas 2003) achieved everything I set out to do. The site has been successfully redesigned to give it a more mature and darker look. The issue with Message Board security and discipline have been resolved. Some stunning articles decorate the new look.
This second issue FUCK HORROR is gonna set a new standard. For me, traditional horror is a lame dog that needs putting out of its misery. Basically, I am taking off the gloves and accepting anything that says FUCK HORROR as a dying genre --- that could be ANTI-HORROR stories --- that could be GAY romance, that could be SURREAL, NON-CONSENSUAL, UNDERAGE.
As I can offer no pay for your twisted worlds of words, I will happily take reprints --- however, I recommend that to truly do justice to the FUCK HORROR theme you'll be looking to unleash your anger on something that will never have been published anywhere. Send me your answer to the franchised greyness that is the anaemic mainstream horror turd.

send submissions to
You will see that the title of this blog has recently switched over from "Hertzan Chimera, horror author" to "Hertzan Chimera, psycho-erotic author". This is more a reflection of what I enjoy writing. For just a while there, I thought I could crack it as a pure genre writer in the horror field. It was a pointless daliance. And after negativity from my ex-agent after a year of waiting, I decided to kick the horror bit into touch.
Hertzan Chimera cannot restrict his output to mainstream monsters and mainstream narrative. The cap just don't fit. So here, liberated from having to comply to restrictive genre practises, the writing beast within me has a hunger that is difficult to sate.
For over the last year, my third novel Yôroppa has been in limbo - it was doing alright up until one point earlier in 2003, this inertia peaked round about the time I visited Japan in May. What usually happens is I go on holiday, the change of scenery is an inspiration. But with Japan, nothing happned.
Slowly though, the urge to complete this third novel has grown and grown, climaxing with my split from this literary agent. It's like someone has pulled a dark heavy cloth from over my eyes, unleashing my creativity. Whereas last week or so Yôroppa weighed in at exactly 50,000 words, it now stands proud at 65,000 words and getting better all the time.

I am actually 'enjoying' writing again.

Friday, November 28, 2003

Last night I edited the latest correction galley and added a few bits and bobs like author names to the content page and bios from the writers. The style, theme and stories themselves are getting A LOT of praise from the writers themselves, who are all spellchecking the first full draft pdf - and we all know how bitchy writers are with each other.


this communal positivity is a great sign!

Thursday, November 27, 2003

The first recommendation for a non-fiction Bram Stoker Award has just arrived on the HORROR WRITERS ASSOCIATION website.

"I've been a member of the HWA for a few years now and I knew I'd never get a Bram Stoker Recommendation for my short stories, collections or novels (not pure horror enough, I fear) but tonight my non-fiction collection of bizarre horror-author interviews with the likes of Jack Ketchum, Tom Piccirilli, Edward Lee, Charlee Jacob, DF Lewis and many more entitled SPIDERED WEB (published only last week by Cyber Pulp) received its first recommendation." Hertzan Chimera reports from his hostpital bed late last night, where he is recovering from the shock of the news.

It'll take more than one recommendation to beat the likes of Monetleone, Rohrig and McCarty in the same non-fiction category but it's a step in the right direction.

Monday, November 17, 2003


Category: Books > Fiction & Literature > Horror
Copyright Year: © 2003
Description: Cyber-Pulp presents an author Interview book like no other! Hertzan Chimera interviews some of the great horror/dark fantasy authors around today. Join him as he interrogates Jack Ketchum, Edward Lee, Tom Piccirilli, and many others with his highly unusaul bondage/journalism techniques. Then try to collect as many autographs as you can at signings and conventions to make this book a valuable collector's item.
(160 pages)
available now in paperback from LULU

Back in the year 2000, while building up a career as a psycho-erotic horror writer, I came up with the now legendary interview technique where the interviewee is set inside the world of his own words. Some of the great genre gentlefolk and some of the angry young horror upstarts have fallen under the cosh of their own creations thanks to this unique interview style. With authors like Jack Ketchum, Edward Lee and Tom Piccirilli, this is the a completist’s must-have paperback – something to cherish.

Jack Ketchum
Edward Lee
Charlee Jacob
Tom Piccirilli
Michael A Arnzen
Alex Severin
Kurt Newton
Christina Sng
John Lawson
Queenie Tirone
John Turi
Amy Grech
MF Korn
Monica J. O'Rourke
polycarp kusch
Destiny West
DF Lewis

a fanboy's wet dream!

Monday, November 10, 2003

There was a large-ish gathering of horror-minded folk in central London just recently; John B Ford represented the Terror Scribes and Rainfall Books; Ed Clayton represented the HWA_UK_chapter (of which I am a member). There were some readings from recently released Rainfall books, there was some drinking of beers, and ale, and wine and shorts, and.... (well you get the idea) and great fun was had by all.

Fully photo-enhanced report courtesy of Hertzan Chimera, the dirty old bast:

I can't be bothered redoing the photo report in two-column so I can accurately caption the folk per photo, but to help you all out (because who knows the Brits, right?) the folk in the second-to-last group picture are (from left to right): writer Steve Goldsmith, writer Paul Pinn, writer Carrie White, writer and HWA_UK_president Ed Clayton and that drunken prat at the end is writer (and reporter) Hertzan Chimera.

shouldn't be allowed out in public!

Friday, November 07, 2003

what's there now is a temporary TITLE SCREEN, temporary INTRO and the old colour scheme but last night I finalised the brand new design for the 5 basic template windows of the new TERROR TALES, which will relaunch before Xmas with a pulverising theme of BODY HORROR.

My ethos for the redesign is LESS IS MORE. The old Terror Tales was a bit cluttered visually, as if it was trying to appease to too many eyes at once, trying to pander to too many sensibilities and offend none of them - however, the palette was a tad garish and primary colour. Well, the new Terror Tales has a bit more balls than that. It is edgy wihtout being flashy. It is subtle without tumbling into pastel territory. It knows EXACTLY what it wants the reader to experience and it delivers it in a direct and minimalist format, where space on the page and arrangement of the elements is calming, reassuring and straight to the point. It draws you confidently into its easy-going environment then splits your mind in half with its EXTREME body horror content.

Nobody would have believed they'd give Terror Tales to Hertzan Chimera - and when they did the anticipation was legendary. Soon, the reader will know what it is to live in fear.

he will be part of the New Dream.

Tuesday, November 04, 2003

it is with odd trepidation that I see HORROR WORLD have given Hertzan Chimera a shiny new Message Board.

use it, don't abuse it.

Friday, October 24, 2003

After a great response and over 40 rejections, the writers of the final 23 stories to make it into Cyber Pulp's CHIMERAWORLD #1 anthology, edited by Hertzan Chimera, have been notified. The anthology will be out some time in early 2004 so keep tuned for all the details.

The 23 CHIMERAWORLD authors and their stories are:

Rickey George - Ugly Little Fuck
Steve Short - Need
Alex Severin - The Man With Absinthe Eyes
John Lawson - Twelve Hells of the Hell Licker
Stan Hinton - Rescuing Laura
Tony Richards - Stick
Kevin L Donihe - Swimmin in Endless Night
Isaac Fellows - Fixing Dad's Mice
John Peters - Mother's Last Wish
Kevin Anderson - Web
J. Miles - Feralust
William M Brock -- For that you Pay Extra
J. M. Heluk - Abacus Sliding
W. Bill Czolgosz - Letter To Giotto
C.C.Parker - The Perfect Cunt
polycarp kusch - advertising age
Jaime L. Burvato - In the Darkness
Queenie Tirone - Strange Breed
Ken Goldman - Boring, boring, boring...
Greg Beatty - The Woman From the Place of the Stones
T.M. Gray - A Matter of Ethics
Latricia L. Lane - Land of Electric Fire
L. Marie Wood - Love Nest

CHIMERAWORLD #2's submission period will be tightened to Sep 1 - Sep 30 2004, so get your grimmest nastiest, scariest stories ready - revised GLs to appear some time in Spring 2004.

CHIMERAWORLD is gonna shock many and delight more - 'nuf sed.

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

I have made the first moves towards the transformation of Terror Tales for its Xmas2003 relaunch.

See - temporary cover. - spells out the new editorial position and radical new content.


Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Today I sent out the first batch of rejection notices for CHIMERAWORLD #1 submissions - not an anviable task but it's done.

This leaves me with 30 more appropriate submissions (and any that come in in the final days of the submission period, end October) to whack into shape and see what works best as the 23 stories that will go into CHIMERAWORLD #1.

Here's how I decided to edit CHIMERAWORLD #1 - I had a not-going-in and could-go-in folder. This way I could say for sure that "the style of chimerworld will be like this" as I have my bulk of "could go in"s to now shape a nice cohesive collection from.

But that is not all ...

I have been a strict but fair editor and (where the story needed it) I have asked for some quite severe changes (be it cropping of the first paragraph (a common one this), be it length or pacing alterations, be it reshaping of narrative and losing or amalgamation of characters, be it restyling of the entire story) - absolutely all of the writers took on board these requirements, suggestions, call them what you will and both parties were more than happy with the results after resubmission.

It's been an interesting experience being an anthology editor and given the chance I will do it again (maybe with a tighter submission window of say The Month of September 2004 for CHIMERAWORLD #2) - there are some truly wonderful non-mainstream writers cowering in the dark corners of all of us.


Now to kick Terror Tales into shape for its Xmas relaunch.

This is gonna be great fun!

Saturday, October 11, 2003

In the coming months' run up to Xmas, psycho-erotic author Hertzan Chimera will be reworking the entire content of the Terror Tales website in a bid to relaunch it and expose more of the avant garde to the horror community. The relaunch issue will be based around the theme of BODY HORROR and will feature some really revolting articles, galleries, fiction and poetry.

"This re-interpretation of the TERROR TALES site will be something to set the slightly dusty horror literature wigwag on fire." an official source reveals.

Long live the new flesh

Monday, October 06, 2003

In a unique twist of fate, THE DODSLEY PAGES has just unleashed upon
the net the opening segment of Hertzan Chimera's long-anticipated
third novel, the 100,000 worder "Yôroppa".

Already garnering some very ego-shining comments on the page:

Comment-by-The Townsman
"I favour tales written in the first person narrative. However, it is only if the writer constructs a strong leading character through the early narration do I really sit up and take notice. To his credit, Hertzan achieves this without a doubt - Geoffrey is already up and running in my mind even after such a short excerpt as this.
For me, there was shades of Thomas Mann’s, Death in Venice in this work..."

Comment-by-M.J. Hewitt - Hertzan Chimera - Breaking Down Barriers
I have said this before but i will say it again, Hertzan Chimera breaks down all barriers, he is a true artist. His writing is scary, Dark, sexy, and full of power.When you talk about horror in this country, Hertzan Chimera is well up there with the best.

enjoy the madness.....

Sunday, October 05, 2003

The venue for the 2003 gathering was the Princess Louise pub near Holborn tube station in central London – a beautifully decorated pub with its own range of ales and host to more than a few gatherings and book launches in its time. By 2pm a steady trickle of authors had started to arrive and the introductions begun...

the full Chimera photo report of the gathering is now online

Friday, October 03, 2003

Hertzan Chimera's rather stunning sex-horror collaborative publication BFGS (formerly knows as boyfistgirlsuck) has received only it's second review. The venue is a forthcoming issue of BLEEDING SKY and obviously I won't spoil it by publishing the whole review, but here's a teaser:

"It makes little difference which section or story you (try to) read; virtually all these stories are the same. Depraved boy meets depraved girl, then they brutally rape, torture, mutilate and kill each other."

BFGS continues to upset even the hardiest horror reviewers, it seems.

buy BFGS from here, if you dare!

Thursday, October 02, 2003

Few of you may know this but Hertzan Chimera has written one or two poems in his thirteen years of writing. A brief selection of these poems called "I've got nothing in my head now" and a sexy cover designed by Mike Philbin is available for $1 download from BizarrEbooks.

Christ on a bike, here's what the owner of BizarrEbooks had to say about it, "Damn, your cover'll more than likely get me kicked from my hosting service, yet if I charge a buck for it, it will be the best selling thing on bEb. One way or the other... I'm charging for it, because let's face it... people love vulva. People click and purchase even on the vague chance that they may become one day closer to a vulva. External gentialia is the wave of the future." and I agree with him.

let the power of vulva dictate your purchasing clout!
Here's one for the completist Hertzan Chimera collector out there - The 2004 Cyber Pulp Halloween Anthology. This year it contains a whole heap of genre stars and there's a story in there (a classic in so many ways) called VIXEN-NAKED ULTRA-LUNCHEON by Hertzan Chimera. The anthology is a free download that will be marketed through about eight radio stations across America.

Last year's C.P.H.A. was downloaded 100,000 times and that's great publicity.

Tuesday, September 30, 2003

SPIDERED WEB - freaky interviews to take into the bath
Here's a scoop. Hertzan Chimera has interviewed (in his unique style) such horror luminaries as Jack Ketchum, Tom Piccirilli, Edward Lee, Charlee Jacob, DF Lewis and a plethora of others. Cyber Pulp will very soon be bringing out all these interviews in a single collection called SPIDERED WEB. Included in the collection are some rare interivews with Chimera himself, and some classic pieces of Chimera/Severin BFGS polemic too.

Cyber Pulp LOVE Hertzan Chimera, it would seem
When I first started using the Hertzan Chimera diet, I was putting away several big fat genre novels a WEEK, you should have seen the size of my book shelves!

Available in three original flavours, the Hertzan Chimera diet is designed so that you can dip into it when it suits you and unlike other sorts of pulp formulae, it comes in non-bleached Palm Reader format. It has changed my commuting life.

read the rest of the plan, here

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Cyber Pulp publishing, run by Bob Gunner, who recently agreed to bring out ebook versions of forthcoming Hertzan Chimera titles CHIM&HER (collaborative collection), CHIM&HIM (collaborative collection) and CHIMERAWORLD (anthology, H.C. editor) have upgraded the publication deal on these three titles to include trade paperback.

This is great news especially for CHIM&HER and CHIM&HIM as Chimera was holding back special Tricephallic (three writers as one brain) and Group stories for the paperback versions - they will become Collector's Items.

Friday, September 12, 2003

Hertzan Chimera's review of Greg Iles "artistic" thriller novel DEAD SLEEP has just surfaced on - hit the link.

Hertzan Chimera has five stories on THE ABSURDIST website - you can vote for them, as it would seem.

That's all for now.... more as it comes in.

Sunday, September 07, 2003

It was a crisp day in September when Hertzan Chimera met polycarp kusch (a fellow capricorn) in some pub near Paddington Station in West London.

The founder and administrator of both Absurdist World and BIZARReBOOKS and author of tremendous ebooks GOTT MILK, MACABRE and DECLINE IN THE HUMAN LIFE CYCLE turned out to be an absolute riot. He was lively, he was zany, he was totally uncontrolable. Yes, he lived up to his reputation as the bad-boy of avante garde lit, kicking up a fuss all down the Praed Road. I interviewed pk via the internet for Terror Tales way back in some warped out time and space and to meet him in person is to know that he is not only a unique writing talent, but he is a true charmer, he is, after all, polycarp.

Nice one, pk, that was a great day of international schmooze-skin-shinin'

Saturday, September 06, 2003

Double Dragon Publishing has agreed to bring out both his novels-- SZMONHFU and UNITED STATES--in e-book format. In the latest spate of e-book sale mania, Hertzan Chimera's collaborative culture shock collections, CHIM & HER (co-written with Charlee Jacob, Alex Severin, Amy Grech, Destiny West, Dawn Andrews, Brutal Dreamer, Queenie Tirone and Christina Sng), CHIM & HIM (co-written with DF Lewis, MF Korn, Mark McLaughlin, Simon Logan, Greg Wharton, Marc Sanchez, John Lawson and Vincent Sakowski), and CHIMERWORLD (Hertzan as editor, with the submission deadline by the end of October 2003) have all been snapped up by Cyber Pulp for e-book release in 2004.
Hertzan's new story up at The Dream People (a reprint from Redsine in 1990) called "The Getaway Girl" features a brand new photo-montage piece of sleaze art from Mike Philbin his-self!

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

MICROSOFT love Hertzan Chimera
In a unique twist of fate, Hertzan Chimera finds that three of his ebooks SZMONHFU, UNITED STATES and ANIMAL INSTINCTS are available through the corporate site of MICROSOFT.

Hertzan Chimera's ebooks are published by Double Dragon Publishing. Now they are distributed by the largest (all format) ebook distributor, Fictionwise. Due to a partnership deal where what Fictionwise distributes in Microsoft Reader format is openly available from Microsoft itself through it's corporate reader site, you can officially pick up Hertzan Chimera's sordid un-novels and whore collections via this shiny green route.

Microsoft LOVE Chimera, not LIKE, Love!

Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Here is an illustrative section from a new 5* review of the Chimera Severin co-written short story collection BFGS:

"BFGS (available in paperback from Massacre Publishing) is arranged like a menu, light hors d 'oeuvres before, meaty main courses followed by fruity desserts of appalling, and appealing, texture and taste.

"Chimera and Severin deftly play the reader, simultaneously tugging at both the viscera and the gonads, attracting and repelling with each tale, involving the reader’s lizard hindbrain intimately with characters far more fully developed than the Sims who so often inhabit short stories these days.

"In the process, Chimera and Severin’s individual talents merge into seamless poetic prose that is reminiscent of the Marquis De Sade at his most extreme channeled through Jack Kerouac at his most obliquely direct, with one notable (and deliberate) exception. These are truly dangerous visions, and if Ellison ever does compile the third volume of the trilogy of anthologies he began over thirty years ago, he could do much worse than to seek out these authors for inclusion.

Many thanks to Mark Orr. Click the link (above) to take you to Double Dragon Publishing.
Yoroppa, Hertzan Chimera's third full length novel, has been in progress now for three years and is still only half finished.

Damn, why do books take so long to write?

Well, in my defense, I did also complete BFGS, Chim&Her and Chim&Him (95%) in that same time period. I recently had a sweet Japanese vacation in Kyoto. Very sweet place. Great people. Great sites to see. Food to eat. I bought myself a special notebook to write down all the inspirational thoughts that could fill Yoroppa. Nada. The notebook remained empty the whole ten days.

I recently took the notebook to France where I was the Godfather of my sister-in-law's son and the words flowed. Nearly ten thousand of them. In summary, Yoroppa is back on the rails. And the fire is burning in its belly.

toot toot!

Tuesday, August 05, 2003

They have it categorised as Erotic/DarkFantasy but what the hell.... Fictionwise, the biggest epublisher in the world (if you discount Palm's monopoly in their specific PalmReader format) has recommended Hertzan Chimera's SZMONHFU ebook in their ArmadilloCon Promotion.

"ArmadilloCon is a science fiction convention held annually in Austin, with several hundred attendees. The primary focus of ArmadilloCon is literary science fiction, but that's not all we do -- we also pay attention to art, media sf, and gaming. Every year dozens of professional writers, artists and editors attend the convention. Sometimes they come to make deals but more often they come to have fun!" as it says on their website.

SZMONHFU [MultiFormat]
by Hertzan Chimera
Regular Club
You Pay: $4.99 $4.24
Category: Erotica/Dark Fantasy
Description: Jane Templeton Rice is the highest paid fashion model in her industry. Her whole life stretches out in front of her like extravagant courses in a Chinese banquet. The night of the Gaultier show why did Jane go 'walkabout'? We follow this delicate young redhead on a blistering erotic adventure of discovery. But we soon find out that Jane has a problem. Her ability to dredge up the very deepest fantasies from her lovers is both an erotic firestorm and a millstone around her slender neck. How pure the intentions of her lovers must be. How honourable. For one small slip of conscience will result in a filthy bloodbath of man-raped sexual identity unwoven. And what of the SZMONHFU, the alien race of super beings, what is their part in Jane's illustrious future? SZMONHFU in many ways tells the tale of Pinocchio--but in the biogenetic horrotica world of Hertzan Chimera that impending maturity takes on a haunted inevitability stripped from the original kids' story.
First Published: 2003 DDP
Publisher: Double Dragon Publishing

Pick up a copy now!

Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Surreal and bizarre literature and poetry site The Dream People will feature a story be Hertzan Chimera called THE GETAWAY GIRL - there is a photomontage-style illustration for this by artist Mike Philbin.

Deliciously wild and probably all quite wrong in the best possible way.

Friday, July 25, 2003

In another swift acquisition, Cyber Pulp will publish the Hertzan Chimera conceived and edited anthology CHIMERAWORLD. There is already talk of making this an annual series. It's gonna be a stunner, here's the pitch:

it's a dark place your mind will never escape.

A collection of the most ferocious, the most relentless, the most wonderfully rendered nightmare landscapes ever witnessed in literary history. This is not horror. This is not sci-fi. This is not mystery. This is not thriller. CHIMERAWORLD exceeds all boundaries of taste and narrative.

You will journey through CHIMERAWORLD in the company of 23 of today's greatest authors.

Word limit 2000-4000 words strict. Deadline for submissions is End October, 2003. No reprints. Downloadable .pdf eBook, enhanced CD, and P.O.D. Contributors receive equal share of royalties.

Hertzan Chimera, editor - coming Summer 2004.

send submissions to
Well, this is quick news but Bob Gunner has snapped up the ebooks rights to Hertzan Chimera's CHIM & HER collaborative for a November 2003 release.

Wow, that WAS fast!

Sunday, July 20, 2003

It is with great joy that I can today announce that the ebook version of CHIM & HER is finished. The ebook version contains 24 stories, that's 63,000 words of purest CULTURE SHOCK fiction. Eight of today's most thought provoking (and twisted) female authors in full collaboration with Chimera, that's me.

Not bad going considering that I have a fulltime 3D artist&animator dayjob in the computer games industry and the collection was only started in January of 2003, that's 7 months ago. I picked up a book at Horrorfind 2002 in Baltimore called DREAD IN THE BEAST by WHC GrossOut Winner and mass-market horror writer (Leisure Books) Charlee Jacob, mailed her about the Chim&Her collaborative collection asking if she'd be interested in being a part of it, and she was.

There are a couple of bonus items that will make it into the paperback version of Chim & Her, publisher to be announced. A Tricephallic is a story written by a three-lobed brain, basically Chim + two of the authors - there will be four of these in the paperback version and there will be one group story to finish off the book.

In other double-candle-burning news: Vincent Sakowski has just come on board as the eighth and final male author in the Chim & Her follow up book, CHIM & HIM. This follow-up collection is looking like being finished by Xmas 2003.

I have uploaded both covers to the site and have activated relevant links.

Monday, July 07, 2003

I was thumbing through the virtual pages of Nevermore Magazine and there found that this quarter's featured author is Queenie Tirone (who I have interviewed before for Terror Tales and there she was shootin' her sexy li'l mouth off about our collaborative short story collection Chim & Her.

and I quote:

NM: So tell me about what you are working on now?

Queenie: Right now? Oh that's the Chim and Her collection for sure.
Nine Ladies and one Chimera. It's bound to be a scream.

NM: hmmm... tell me more...

Queenie: Well, Chimera writes with each lady. Me and him have three
stories. To each one he adds his touch to it, making the story turn
in strange ways. When two people come together to write something it
can really become wild. I have seen the first draft already, its
wild. The women involved have great imaginations.

NM: When can we expect to see it?

Queenie: Hmm... not sure but probably sometime next year. It will
definitely be E-book format. Hertzan is still looking for a print

Many thanks go out to Queenie for the advance publicity on this title.

Friday, July 04, 2003

A surreal new horror story BERT'S EARLY LIGHT by Hertzan Chimera has hit the web like a glob of grease, site by the name of Nevermore Mag.

This one's so wild, even I don't know what the Hell's going on.

Monday, June 30, 2003

A brand new interview with those bad boys of sex-horror fiction Hertzan Chimera and Alex Severin, the co-authors of BFGS, goes online at DARK FIRE.

For those of you who know your movies - the similarity was intentional.

Thursday, June 26, 2003

Not content with reviewing just one book for Feo Amante, Hertzan Chimera has recently submitted another book review, this time DEAD SLEEP by Greg Iles. A great book and a strong recommendation. The review should be live on Feo Amante's website my mid July. Hopefully this spells the start of a new phase of Chimera's output.

I'll update the review link some time in July - the above live link takes you direct to Feo Amante.

Monday, June 23, 2003

It was sorta done in an arse over tit fashion but in effect where the review was written as a 'commission' from the publisher and then a home found for it, but ... in effect have reviewed the female fiction collection FEMMES DE LA BRUME from Double Dragon Publishing for the (400,000 reader a month) horror site Feo Amante - which looks kinda nice on the C.V.

check it out by clicking on the title link.

Friday, June 20, 2003

Good morning from sunny Oxford.

Yes, I am English, and dropping out of my winter depressive hibernation I can only say that the rays are good. Oh, yes.

Had another busy batch of writing and editing and promoting: but first of all.

A big thank you to all you news-hungry devils - this Hertzan Chimera Newsletter list has fair exploded with subscribers in recent times. Gives one a good feeling inside. Hey now that the ball's rolling, we gotta evangelise Hertzan Chimera's ass all over the Western and Eastern worlds. Let the world know that the genre barriers to creative fiction are coming down, guys.

News 1: BFGS to be relaunched.
Due to the obvious potential (thanks in general to the #1 Bestseller position last week on Shocklines) the Chimera/Severin collaborative fiction collection available in trade paperback from and and in ebook version from is being relaunched with a brand new cover (art by Mike Philbin) and remarketed to a whole new mass market audience by both publishers.

News 2: another banning for BFGS.
BFGS was due to be reviewed on a site called The Muse Apprentice Guild. Got a terse mail from the editor saying "Due to financial concerns" we can no longer support work of this nature. This after they published THREE of my stories just last issue.

News 3: Chim & Her is in first draft.
Last night, I completed the first draft of the collaborative extreme horror and psychological fiction collection Chim & Her. Basically, it's Hertzan Chimera collaborating with 8 of today's hardest ladies of words on 24 short stories. And boy, it's grown to quite a project since its inception (conception?) in January this year. The prose is of a quality and ferocity that (frankly) stunned me. Watch out for this one soon.

Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Well, it's been on the cards for like six months now but finally, Hertzan Chimera woke up and smelled the coffee. Eraserhead Press is (and maybe always has been) merely the publishing vehicle for it's owner Carlton Mellick III and anyone else published by them runs the risk of not being sufficiently promoted or marketed as a writer.

All rights (other than ebook rights which DDP are actively exercising for a contractual period) to Hertzan Chimera novels SZMONHFU (100, 000 words - published in 2001 as a trade paperback) and UNITED STATES (80,000 words - never released) revert to the author with this announcement.

You know, you can only plug your own material so far then you gotta stand back and say, "Wait a minute, shouldn't the publisher be getting his hands dirty, too?"

When you realise that, you can only back out and look elsewhere for representation.

Tuesday, June 10, 2003

As of the week beginning the 8th of June, Hertzan Chimera & Alex Severin have struck gold with pole position on SHOCKLINES DISTRIBUTION bestseller in-stock list for their extreme sex-horror collection BOYFISTGIRLSUCK.

Number one!

Sunday, June 08, 2003

As Hertzan Chimera's second Eraserhead Press trade paperback "United States" races for the printing press, here's a list of the superstars of horror who have cover-quoted it's ass all over this bee-atch!

"Hertzan Chimera is both monster rant and taboo heat. His primal work clutches me in both G-spot and brain--and everywhere else in between." --Charlee Jacob, author of THIS SYMBIOTIC FASCINATION and HAUNTER.

"When I say that Hertzan Chimera's writings make me want to throw up, I mean that only in a good way. He's a major contender in the gross-out arena; his work is a hallmark of creative outrage." --Edward Lee, author of CITY INFERNAL and MONSTROSITY.

"Hertzan Chimera is the Henry Miller of Our Time. He has remortgaged the Horror/SF ghetto, replacing it with a Garrethouse of the Psycho-Erotic on the Left Bank of the Seine." --MF Korn, author of RACHMANINOFF'S GHOST and CONFESSIONS OF A GHOUL.

"As a longtime fan of the outre and fiction of the abject, I can say that very little of what I read anymore shocks, revolts, scares, or disturbs me. But Hertzan Chimera manages to do it every time. UNITED STATES is a romp through the dark lands of the free mind. Fans of William Burroughs and should rejoice -- he's been reincarnated for the new century in Hertzan Chimera. This is Naked Lunch on nuclear acid. Rated X for Xtra demented." --Michael A. Arnzen, Bram Stoker Award winning author of GRAVE MARKINGS and FREAKCIDENTS.

This is a wonderful ego-shine and hopefully a pointer to millions of sales.

Wednesday, June 04, 2003

News Flash:- Not only did the mass-market alternative lifestyle mag SWAG ban the BFGS advert, ebook distributor Fictionwise has now refused to take on Chimera & Severin's magnus opus of sex and slaughter. If this continues, the damn book is gonna get a bad rep.


What is wrong with Freedom Of Speech in the U.S. of A.?

Monday, June 02, 2003

ANIMAL INSTINCTS collection reviewed by Gary West
Another brand new review, this time from Gary West writing for THE DREAM PEOPLE ezine.

Long one of my favorite writers, Chimera once again delivers his own uniquely pungent mix of surrealism, erotica and splatterpunk in this collection of 32 short stories that asks the question: “What would happen if you transplanted animal mores, needs and instincts into contemporary cultural settings?” The answer can scarcely be summed up in the few examples I have set below, but I hope to at least give you an idea of what to expect.

First off we have “Shrapnel Girl” where a middle-aged man stalks the woman of his dreams…and of his nightmares. Set in the grungy back streets of what can only be Los Angeles, this tale invokes the almost always-irrational thought process of a man who is obsessed and obsessive.

In “Misogynistiqe” we are warned about the dangers of adultery and deception, and how sometimes art imitates life.

“She Gives Me the Fear” chronicles a man’s hellish descent into madness and the results of that fall.

My favorite piece in this collection is the experimental and bizarre “Dog Murder.” Focusing on what can happen when humans and animals are brought together through unnatural processes this story is strangely reminiscent of H. G. Wells’ “The Island of Doctor Moreau,” and just as fascinating.

Overall, “Animal Instincts” is an excellent read and I highly recommend it but be forewarned, it’s not for the faint of heart and it may cause the beast within you to come bubbling to the surface.

reviewed by Gary West

Sunday, June 01, 2003

HE TOOK AN AXE TO HIS WORK and freed his tongue
In a former life, the main focus was paintings, lifesize oil-on-hardboard, psycho-erotic and financially worthless.

Five years ago, the man that would become the horror author Hertzan Chimera took an axe to his visual therapy. Here's an indepth interview on a site called ART OF HORROR - reasons to be cheerful; 1, 2, 3.


Friday, May 30, 2003

A brand new review has just come through for the forthcoming second Hertzan Chimera trade paperback novel from Eraserhead Press (due for publication this summer from Eraserhead Press) - it's a corker because it's from me old mukka Mister Mark Samuels:

What do you do when you get a manuscript through the post that is an act of terrorism? I don't mean your white powder masquerading as anthrax wimp out act of terrorism but a fucked-up work of fiction that's been spewed from a printer that's broken down a quarter of the way through the job? I mean a work of fiction that's been stuck in a drawer by its author for years because he himself shat his pants on reading it? Do you stick the mss on the top of your computer and leave it to gather dust? I did.
But tonight I've taken it down and finally got around to reading the bastard. Since I know the author, one Hertzie Chimera, and I know the kind of sick fuck he is, and the sort of mind-screwing prose he likes to fashion, I confess: it was a daunting proposition.
In a work whose characters are named after the states of the final superpower, in a world where the certainties of Cold War M.A.D. have given way to James Bond villains like Saddam and Bin Laden, do we hail Hertzie as a prophet or a madman? Perhaps a prophet masquerading as a madman? Maybe even vice versa..
"Do you expect me to review?"
"No, I expect you to die Mr Samuels".
Now it's true that this reviewer has done his fair share of drugs, aspired to be a burnt-out De Quincey with a hard on, a remote control and a copy of "Buffy Goes to Strap-On Manor", but nothing prepared him for the mental gang rape and snuff ecstasy that is Hertzie's UNITED STATES. Anything before this book is a waste of your time. Even life. Because (and weren't you taught at school not to start a sentence with "because"?) life is a poor imitation of, no not art, but drugs. That's right. But in the UNITED STATES you don't need cash. The American Dream is right here. You can let those little ol' glands fire up some free serotonin or adrenaline or sperm. Whatever.
Enlightenment. Or Damnation. It's up to you. Choose your side. I know I have.

reviewed by Mark Samuels, author, bon viveur.

Thursday, May 29, 2003

There is an erotic horror story on Horror Authors Network called Vixen-Naked Ultra-Luncheon by Hertzan Chimera that amassed an amazing 4,000+ reads in an older incarnation of the site when other stories scraped through barely 1,000 reads.

It was at the number one Gallows Top Ten Most Wanted slot for something in the region of six months (!) Eventually, a story by Brian A Hopkins knocked it off the top spot. But there was something quite odd about this dethroning as it seemed to be getting far fewer reads per week than Chimera's old number one.
Horror Authors Network recently updated its site to a better server and reset its counters on each story page.
Again, Chimera's extreme sex horror piece has garnered more reads than any other writer bar Alex Severin by a factor of about ten.
If you look at the figures it should read:
1) Vixen-Naked Ultra-Luncheon by Hertzan Chimera (160 reads)
2) Bad Habit by alex Severin (130 reads)
3) Bullet Sex by Hertzan Chimera (120 reads)
4) Bad Habit2 by Alex Severin (90 reads)

the rest are languishing down in the tens and twenties.

Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Hertzan Chimera lays his soul bare in the sordid name of promotion of his published works and his subversive writing life.

REALM GOTHICA - a feast for the eyes & mind.
SHADOWS OF THE MARQUIS - a Misery inspired S&M inquisition.
SUSPECT THOUGHTS - a Blade Runner inspired interrogation.
ETERNAL NIGHT - a very 'informative' interview, raison d'etre and all that.
NEVERMORE MAGAZINE - Queenie Tirone, horror editor exposes Hertzan Chimera's greatest fears of his past, present and future.
THE DREAM PEOPLE (Inquisitor: John Lawson) - think De Sade chrashlands his time machine in Orwell's 1984 - let's see how Hertzan Chimera likes it up him!
SCARY VOICES - Hertzan Chimera spouts his filth all over the place in this scandalous monologue.
VAMPYRE EROTICA - this wonderful Blood Fetish site hosts The BANNED Brutal Judgement interview.
HOUSE OF PAIN - The legendary Dominatrix, Wraith, takes on Chimera & Severin!
FRIGHT WEB - FrightWeb trap Chimera & Severin in their interview killing jar!
REALLY SCARY - Harry Shannon gathers Hertzan Chimera, Alex Severin and Wrath James White round a sacrificial altar to discuss their Medium Rare Books collaboration BROKEN.

stay tuned for more revealtions close to the release of the trade paperback UNITED STATES.

Tuesday, May 27, 2003

CHIM & HIM - the CULTURE SHOCK collective, book II
Hot on the heals of Chim & Her comes Chim & Him - seven of today's most radical male authors take on Chimera in a battle to the death.
The Chim & Him collaborative stable is Mike Korn, DF Lewis, Mark McLaughlin, Marc Sanchez, John Lawson, Simon Logan, Greg Wharton (editor of the subversive Suspect Thoughts zine).

these two collaborative collections are swiftly nearing completion.
CHIM & HER - the CULTURE SHOCK collective, book I
It has been widely reported that there is a collection of collaborative short stories coming out soon from Hertzan Chimera entitled Chim & Her.
What's the story?
Hertzan Chimera has collaborated one-on-one, in threes and groups with many of the best alternative/extreme horror authors out there today.
Chim & Her, a 27+ story collection, sees Hertzan Chimera pitch his talents against nine of today's most exciting authoresses - Charlee Jacob, Alex Severin, Destiny West, Amy Grech, Dawn Andrews, Queenie Tirone, Doll Yoko, Brutal Dreamer and Christina Sng.

it promises to be enlightening, intense, disgusting and horrific.
The new sex-horror trade paperback collection BOYFISYGIRLSUCK from Massacre Publishing is being advertised on the official marketing site as "ribbed for your reading pleasure"

BoyFistGirlSuck is a fiction collection of such extreme fetish, horror porn, and deviant erotica, that even an ADVERTISMENT has been banned from a new, high-profile Alternative Culture magazine!
Hertzan Chimera, once described as the 'living embodiment of the Marquis de Sade,' and his delicious cohort in evil, Alex Severin, have given unholy succour to a fine collection of sex-horror nastiness. A 28 story collaboration of the most disturbing sex-horror literature ever written since the goodly Marquis hung up his quill; brought to you by two co-authors of the controversial 2002 release BROKEN.
BoyFistGirlSuck is an exploration of human experience and emotion. Chimera & Severin lead you into the underbelly of society - all life is here, from pre-history to post-apocalypse. The players are all here - the black sheep of the family, the tortured artist, the unborn, the Porn Star, the murderer, the Underground Icon, fetishists, vampires, sadists, goths, body modifiers, obsessives.

'Dark, erotic, edgy, tense, strange, and pure dead brilliant. This book will make more than the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.' -- Kailleaugh Andersson
Hertzan Chimera Unit Theory paper #1 (atomic cycling and hc rings) described how the Periodic table of elements could be analysed in a brand new way. Reactive elements could be understood in terms of constructive resonance and Noble element stability could be pictorially represented.
But what lies below the surface of an HC Unit? How is an HC Unit formed? Where does it, as a subatomic particle, get its gravity from? How does light interact with it?
We must go a long way back, not in history, but in scale. For too many years, the subatomic world (and quantum theorists in general) have blinkered humanity to the Big Issue.

Universal Equilibrium & the HC Unit
The Greek philosophers believed that 'Nature abhors a vacuum'.
This is the premise upon which HC Unit theory is base, applied at the universal scale.
All points in space fall towards each other.
HC Units keep things apart.
'Light' is Universal Equilibrium fill-in taking place at c.
These are the three basic tenets of Universal Equilibrium & the HC Unit.

Now, this seems like I have just done the easy thing and reversed well-understood physical processes. Having done this, however, the very structure of matter and its relationship to gravity and em radiation has shifted perspective from a sub-atomically fixated viewpoint to a macroscopic view.
HC Unit Theory allows as to see the subatomic generated by galaxy sized interactions – a more holistic paradigm.

All points in space fall towards each other
As all points in space fall towards each other, under a macroscopic non-matter gravity force, spiral galaxies the size of an atom condense from the forces.
Matter is a property of gravity – there is no matter without gravity.
Em radiation is a property of matter – there is no em radiation without matter.
Gravity is the medium for em radiations – ie. em radiation travels to the 'source'.

Below the excess energy threshold value (as shown by the secondary curves above and below the schematic HC Unit) we see that the no matter is formed. No free neutrons are found; only those that have had massive amounts of energy fired into them by a nuclear reaction process, which to me falls under the category of 'made in the lab' pseudo-particle.
Above the excess energy threshold, we get two types of matter, that which is spinning clockwise and that which is spinning anticlockwise relative to the axis of the spinning HC Unit's central energy focus. But spinning clockwise or anticlockwise to which axis? To all axes of our three axes? To four axes?
It is safe to say here that only the excess energy amounts to physical matter in our geometrical universe. It is not easy to approach a discussion of the possible extra-dimensional realm of the HC Unit for fear of bad guessing what may be a purely 3 dimensional mechanic.
If light travels towards matter, how do you overload an HC system to produce the extra wavelength push? What is the wavelength of UE fall-in?
As soon as one HC Unit overloads, it will induce neighbouring to overload. Any chance of this inducing mini Big Bangs on a regular basis in some location in space??

HC Units keep things apart
It is evident that the HC Unit is, in itself, not a physical object, as we understand the proton or the neutron or the electron of contemporary physics. In the same way that a heated column of air distorts the path of light passing through it, the perceived solidity of an HC Unit is merely a function of the structure that creates it.
Weyl's Tensors show evidence for gravity without matter but there is currently absolutely no evidence for matter without gravity. Which tends me to believe that it is the gravity component of Universal Equilibrium that is far more important than any number of new Fundamental-Force-Binding sub-atomic pseudo-particles grown in the lab.
Only the excess energy thrown off by the HC Unit can be considered 'physical' as we can measure such a value.

Light is Universal Equilibrium fill-in taking place at c
It became so obvious, when I looked at light going in the other direction that it is the universe that fills in at c rather than millions of tiny photons radiating out. In this way, you can have unlimited fill-in (light) without having to run down your source.

but what about the clockwise anticlockwise nature of this physicality. How does that relate to phenomena testable in the lab?

Monday, May 26, 2003

well, after a bit of a quiet period, the Hertzan Chimera story generator is once again burbling along like a slashed-throat kitten:

THREE WORKS : The Planet Eater, Confessions of Hfu-Szi-Ama & Torch Song @ MUSE APPRENTICE GUILD
DEVIANT MIND (co-writer Alex Severin, from our collaborative collection BFGS) @ MENTAL SHED
FUCK STAR @ WEIRD SPACE: part 6 - razors of the lost bitch
FUCK STAR @ WEIRD SPACE: part 7 - modificatum eli-x
ART OF HORROR - feature artist interview
five years after I took an axe to 32 lifesize, oil on hardboard, psycho-erotic paintings...

thanks for believing!

Sunday, May 25, 2003

As well as writing the most disgusting, hair-raising, subversive fiction around, Hertzan Chimera has been busy interviewing some of the horror genre greats: Alex Severin, Amy Grech, Charlee Jacob, Christina Sng, Destiny West, Edward Lee, Jack Ketchum, John Lawson, John Turi, Kurt Newton, MF Korn, Michael A. Arnzen, Monica J. O'Rourke, polycarp kusch, Queenie Tirone and Tom Piccirilli inclusive.

This is a brand new interview format that confronts the interviewee with their own twisted product.
The Hertzan Chimera website has been completely revamped for the Spring season of 2003. Now it's even easier to navigate to the relevant areas of the siteand there are now one-click solutions to Hertzan Chimera products, BOYFISTGIRLSUCK, SZMONHFU, UNITED STATES, ANIMAL INSTINCTS and THAT LITTLE BOOK OF MURDER.

free ebook, buy ebook and buy trade paperback options are available.