Sunday, September 23, 2007


All these years later, readers are still contacting me asking "Who is Hertzan Chimera?" even people who don't usually read that sort of subversive horror literature have heard all about my extreme writing alter-ego on the genre grapevine and wanna read stories by Hertzan Chimera it seems. Well, let's just do a single internet search and grow a list of Hertzan Chimera fiction on the 'net.

Here are a few on Suspect Thoughts subversive website, all downloadable as archived issues:
My Fucky Sucky Valentine, Pint Puller and Stations Of The Cross.

Here are a few on Wildclown Chronicles flash-heavy website, as specific pages:
Stayer, Murder Block, Runaway, V and Caravan Boy.

gah, that should be enough to keep you going.