Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Brand new five star Amazon review for BFGS by Severin & Chimera

like, thirteen years after its first publication, there's a brand new five star Amazon review for BFGS by Severin & Chimera -- here it is in its glorious entirety:

Ghastly and perverse to the nth degree; And I love it!.... 
By mark gutmaker on February 11, 2015 
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase 
Mike Philbin, along with his partner in crime, Alex Severin, have quickly become one of my all-time favorite "Splatterpunk" duos. Fans of Edward Lee and Wrath James White will surely sit up and take notice, but rest assured, this is not a mere carbon copy of the aforementioned, as this duo clearly possesses a smart and dreamy style of prose, and very poetically disturbing. Story after story, they unleash their extremely gruesome syntax, juxtaposed with some of the most horrifying subject matter I've ever perused and it just gets worse from there; A melange of nightmarish, taboo-breaking madness that only the hardest of the hard will stomach. These smartly written tales would surely become the Marquis De Sade's favorite collection. Also, be sure to check out Hertzan Chimera, who is Mike Philbin's alter-ego, and his tales, which decrepitude also knows no boundaries.... Okay, back to losing my mind, piece by piece!.... [source BFGS on Amazon]