Friday, April 21, 2017

Free Planet - eradicate profit - reverse ownership

"Over time, those things that we own tend to own us..." Wendy the Renegade, in Hertzan Chimera's novel Cuntland Chronicles.

The dreams begin again:
If you wait for something long enough, your unconscious brain will start telling you how you should get on with it.
And this has happened every novel I've written. Since the early works such as The Fountains Institute trilogy, through the 00-ies novels Yoroppa, View From A Stolen Window, Bukkakeworld and Planet of the Owls, right up to the latest Free Planet and War World dual/duelling trilogies, dreams have been the way these books have been structured.

After three years of structural and thematic thinkage on the subject of the next Hertzan Chimera novel, the dreams have started again, in earnest. Now is the time to be getting on with the next part of HC's literary journey across the ZenSual universe. One must listen to this inner, dreaming, consciousness - it's how and why we got as far as we did in such a short (historical) time frame.

Your semi-conscious brain knows what's good for you - it's a survival mechanism - like renouncing the ridculous top-down or insidious reverse-ownership mentality of For God and Country. The brain just knows, deep inside its electric collagen, what's right for You The People and what's right for You The Free Planet.

It's too easy sometimes, once you cut out Profit via Patent from your planetary diet, to remain a cheerful healthy and creative race of individuals well into the future.

Fuck those arbitrary borders.
Fuck those arbitrary rules.
Fuck secrecy in all its forms - information is your friend.

Wednesday, April 05, 2017

forthcumming Oxford novel - from Randall Revisited - to Cuntland Chronicles

best cover concept to date... :)
gah, I always liked the concept of re-visiting the (United States-era) dream-planet of Randall.  And finally I decided to get on with it...

But was I really happy with the proposed title of Randall Revisited?

Did I really want what might be my last Hertzan Chimera novel to come across like some sort of soft scifi loosely based on an Evelyn Waugh homo-romp aka The Sacred & Profane Memories of Charlie T Driver?

Was I happy that Hertzan Chimera's lasting legacy would be mispronounced around the book-review world by some camply lisping podcaster to Wandall Wevisited... I mean, we've all seen Monty Python's Life of Brian, right? Woger?

A Hertzan Chimera novel about cars and fucking and intergalactic mind-fracture needs a meatier title, right? Hence and therefore. From this day forward. Til death do us part. The next i.e. forthcumming, Zensual fiction Hertzan Chimera novel is to be called CUNT LAND chronicles.

Let the reading world take heed... and beware.