Tuesday, August 26, 2003

MICROSOFT love Hertzan Chimera
In a unique twist of fate, Hertzan Chimera finds that three of his ebooks SZMONHFU, UNITED STATES and ANIMAL INSTINCTS are available through the corporate site of MICROSOFT.

Hertzan Chimera's ebooks are published by Double Dragon Publishing. Now they are distributed by the largest (all format) ebook distributor, Fictionwise. Due to a partnership deal where what Fictionwise distributes in Microsoft Reader format is openly available from Microsoft itself through it's corporate reader site, you can officially pick up Hertzan Chimera's sordid un-novels and whore collections via this shiny green route.

Microsoft LOVE Chimera, not LIKE, Love!

Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Here is an illustrative section from a new 5* review of the Chimera Severin co-written short story collection BFGS:

"BFGS (available in paperback from Massacre Publishing) is arranged like a menu, light hors d 'oeuvres before, meaty main courses followed by fruity desserts of appalling, and appealing, texture and taste.

"Chimera and Severin deftly play the reader, simultaneously tugging at both the viscera and the gonads, attracting and repelling with each tale, involving the reader’s lizard hindbrain intimately with characters far more fully developed than the Sims who so often inhabit short stories these days.

"In the process, Chimera and Severin’s individual talents merge into seamless poetic prose that is reminiscent of the Marquis De Sade at his most extreme channeled through Jack Kerouac at his most obliquely direct, with one notable (and deliberate) exception. These are truly dangerous visions, and if Ellison ever does compile the third volume of the trilogy of anthologies he began over thirty years ago, he could do much worse than to seek out these authors for inclusion.

Many thanks to Mark Orr. Click the link (above) to take you to Double Dragon Publishing.
Yoroppa, Hertzan Chimera's third full length novel, has been in progress now for three years and is still only half finished.

Damn, why do books take so long to write?

Well, in my defense, I did also complete BFGS, Chim&Her and Chim&Him (95%) in that same time period. I recently had a sweet Japanese vacation in Kyoto. Very sweet place. Great people. Great sites to see. Food to eat. I bought myself a special notebook to write down all the inspirational thoughts that could fill Yoroppa. Nada. The notebook remained empty the whole ten days.

I recently took the notebook to France where I was the Godfather of my sister-in-law's son and the words flowed. Nearly ten thousand of them. In summary, Yoroppa is back on the rails. And the fire is burning in its belly.

toot toot!

Tuesday, August 05, 2003

They have it categorised as Erotic/DarkFantasy but what the hell.... Fictionwise, the biggest epublisher in the world (if you discount Palm's monopoly in their specific PalmReader format) has recommended Hertzan Chimera's SZMONHFU ebook in their ArmadilloCon Promotion.

"ArmadilloCon is a science fiction convention held annually in Austin, with several hundred attendees. The primary focus of ArmadilloCon is literary science fiction, but that's not all we do -- we also pay attention to art, media sf, and gaming. Every year dozens of professional writers, artists and editors attend the convention. Sometimes they come to make deals but more often they come to have fun!" as it says on their website.

SZMONHFU [MultiFormat]
by Hertzan Chimera
Regular Club
You Pay: $4.99 $4.24
Category: Erotica/Dark Fantasy
Description: Jane Templeton Rice is the highest paid fashion model in her industry. Her whole life stretches out in front of her like extravagant courses in a Chinese banquet. The night of the Gaultier show why did Jane go 'walkabout'? We follow this delicate young redhead on a blistering erotic adventure of discovery. But we soon find out that Jane has a problem. Her ability to dredge up the very deepest fantasies from her lovers is both an erotic firestorm and a millstone around her slender neck. How pure the intentions of her lovers must be. How honourable. For one small slip of conscience will result in a filthy bloodbath of man-raped sexual identity unwoven. And what of the SZMONHFU, the alien race of super beings, what is their part in Jane's illustrious future? SZMONHFU in many ways tells the tale of Pinocchio--but in the biogenetic horrotica world of Hertzan Chimera that impending maturity takes on a haunted inevitability stripped from the original kids' story.
First Published: 2003 DDP
Publisher: Double Dragon Publishing

Pick up a copy now!