Thursday, December 25, 2003

My third Hertzan Chimera novel Yôroppa has just finished. What an awful feeling. I have lived with this 'seaside community' novel for the last few years, writing it in fits and starts. And now the first draft (I don't really do second drafts unless I really wanna rewrite the entire novel, as I did incorporating Red Hedz and two other short novels into Szmonhfu) is finished. Because of the freeform way I wrote it and the non-mainstream themes it deals with, its structure and narrative style, it has come to an abrupt end when I least expected it, 20,000 words short of its intended 100,000 word target.

It's not like I have 'stalled' or got writers block or anything. This really is the end of the novel in every way. The novel can't just go on. This is the way it should end, as befuddling as it is. I had been building up to this since page one really but a real easy solution to the knotted narrative offered itself up over the last few days like a willing sacrificial lamb and I embraced it with all my writing ability. It's not even really about horror (though there are some shocking accounts therein) and it ended up being about something like the Religion of the Reader(!)

Very bizarre, and unexpected.

The thing that annoyed me the most was that after Yôroppa taking me nearly two years to get to 50,000 words, after two stalling periods of writer's block (sic) that lasted nearly six months each, after a Japanese holiday that I thought would inspire the narrative along (and didn't), after a German holiday that I thought would inspire the narrative along (and didn't, really) the last 30,000 words fell from my fingertips like honey from a spoon..... there was no joy or elation, just the inevitability of the words leading to the 'resolution' of certain loose threads.

I had allowed Yôroppa its little 'tantrums' and left it to sulk in a corner (during those above mentioned periods) while I busied myself completing "CHIM & HER", "CHIMERAWORLD #1" and the TERROR TALES RELAUNCH.

Maybe that was all that it was waiting for. A free block of my time? It took its chance and allowed itself to be easily finished. The way it should have always been. I remember it was when I realised, a couple months back, that I should stop trying to be a mainstream horror writer and just write what I truly enjoy with no concern for financial reward or agent/publisher approval that the job became so much easier.

maybe that was it.

Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Last night I officially relaunched Terror Tales ezine. There is a more subtle and easier to navigate design, as those who know the old site will know from first click.

Content highlights include:
An interview with Bruce Campbell.
Articles on Body Mutation, Embalming, Japan Eye, Horror Metal & 3D Games.
There are 14 pieces of fiction from the likes of Ed Lee, Charlee Jacob and Weston Ochse.
There are 6 poets including the great Mike Arnzen.
There is a gallery feature of artist Mitch Phillips.
The Book Review section, like the Terror Tales name, remains from the old site.
The forums are all new.


Friday, December 19, 2003

Okay, page one of a new Blogging life starts right here.... I was watching some show on the TV in the UK the other night. A show called HORIZON - now remember this was one of my favourite shows EVER.

A travesty it has become.

HORIZON used to hold up the banner for me as an inquisitive 'yoof' such as I was twenty or more years back - it explored the boundaries of physics in a way that those dull Open University programmes on at 7am Sunday morning never did. It had content, for the love of Christ.

Last night's show was about TIME, and to be quite frank, it was ludicrous pop-culturised trash of the highest order.

In respect of how great HORIZON used to be, I will now lay down the basics of my Hertzan Chimera Unit. My own personal physics theory.


I love Noble Gases. Noble gases are the great loners of the universe. Is it just me who sees Noble gases as the key to the atom, the pre hydrogen, the bearer of the Big Bang?

Helium, the first Noble Gas in the Atomic Table of Periodicity weighs 4 atomic units. Each of these four atomic units have electromagnetic components but Noble Gases refuse to bond electromagnetically. There is no net static charge from a Noble Gas.

This says something fundamental to me. It says, "I am trapped in jail and no fucker is gonna let me out." It also tells me something more fundamental about the real structure of Helium.

In contemporary models of the Helium atom, you got two protons (net charge of +1), you got two gluey neutrons (net charge of 0) and you got two virtually massless electrons (net charge of -1). An atom is said to be Noble when it has filled electron 'shells' in the combinations 2, 8, 8, 16.... blah blah balh. Totally arbitrary rules with no understanding.

In the Hertzan Chimera noble atom, there are no electrons. There are no protons. Each Hertzan Chimera Unit is the universe pulling in from all directions, multidimensionally. FACT. This is the only way it can work, the universe is made of gravity and this gravitiy manifests itself in specific 3-dimensional regions of our space in the form of NEUTRONS.

Yes, those beauties who are only attributed with half the Helium nucleus content. Neutrons. They are mass 1, net charge 0 entities. They are a measurable result of this multi-dimensional gravity. They 'weigh' something.

Now, these gravitational entities (I see them like a multidimensional representation similar in structure to the rotating dynamic of spiral galaxies, spinning as the universe pulls in all directions towards their centre) have physical boundaries that can be exceeded. If these physical boundaries are exceeded, then a electromagnetic component is activated. This electromagnetic component can be either clockwise or anti-clockwise to the multi-dimensional direction of fall in for the specific HC Unit.

In a Helium atom, imagine four spiral galaxies at 90 degrees to each other, arranged in tetrahedral shape that is itself spinning like fury as the excess energy from one HC Unit is sucked up be its adjacent neighbuor. This close-quarters fuelling of the 4-HC-Unit helium atom ensures that there is no net charge for the helium atom to bond with nearby atoms no matter how aggressive their valency.

0_+_0_- see how there is linear non-disruptive flow through the cycle?

Imagine these four HC Units in a helium atom. In this example, you will see how there are four units with three phases; 0 (not exceeded), + (clockwise exceeded) and - (anti-clockwise exceeded). These are not static devices because the electromagnetic component is quickly absorbed into the HC Unit forcing it to flip into the opposite mode. If it was + last time, it can only be - next time... all four spinning around each other, clockwise/anticlockwise actively. No net charge, no reactivity.

There is a geometrically complex 20-element solution for the next Noble gas Neon and the same formula works. These are totally active but totally stable geometric shapes where each excess is absorbed into its neighbour at just the right frequency. This also explains why the Group 1 Alkali Metal LITHIUM is so reactive, there are basically 6 HC Units in a standard Lithium.

+_0_-_0_+_0 - see how the 2 +'s in the 6 HC ring are overpowering the system, breaking it's purity of flow? There is an excess of charge spilling out from the system, hence Lithium's reactivity.

Back to the 'dormant' Neutrons fumbling around in pre-space as all bits of the universe tug and pull. Imagine these 0 net charge entities happily moving around the universe for zillions of years then suddenly... ONE HERTZAN CHIMERA UNIT ignites a chain reaction of electromagnetic exchange....... the "matter" universe is born in one CONCENTRIC ENERGY BLAST. Space is created - the dimensions already existed; there was always gravity. Now the universe has electromagnetic charge, too.

the Big Bang (in the classic sense) is a fallacy

Thursday, December 18, 2003

But what can be done to spice it up?

I know, a competition. That ALWAYS works.

Okay, gimme the answer to this simple question "What was the name of Hertzan Chimera's 1990 novel (hint: he was then using the writing name Michael Paul Peter --- it might help if you visit (you can sorta have a snoop around in the PUBLISHED WORK part of the site)).

I will put all the correct answers in a bowler hat (don't all Englishers have these?) and scoop out the winner.

The winner wins a signed and personally deadicated copy of my most recent paperback novel SZMONHFU.

Send answers to
According to a very good 'programmer' friend of mine, this is an exceedingly dull BLOG - it's tedious, repetitive and there's no fun at all in it, there's no insight into the REAL HERTZAN CHIMERA (whatever that means, since he's a mere keyboard entity shadow of my former self) and worst of all, it reads like a series of pathetic whiny press releases further cementing my place in literary obscurity.

point taken, oh great critical one

From tomorrow then (I mean why do today what you can do tomorrow?) I will turn this fuckin' shambles of a psychoBlogical uncaning into what it was always meant to be '''' ROTTEN FISH '''' and some camel piss for good measure.

you have been summarily warned
It is with great joy that I can officially confirm (I am looking at the text right now on my monitor) that I do indeed have an exclusive interview with none other than Mr Evil Dead ASH, aka Bruce Campbell. There's some wicked revelations in it and it's Bruce Cambell!!!

terror tales relaunches on the 22nd of December, 2003

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Yeah, I know it's a long time to have not written a short story but...
Hey, no excuses, I know. But I have been busy. Chimeraworld editing. Chim & Her editing. Terror Tales (editing and redesigning). Yôroppa (novel 3) rewriting. But last night for one hour, I had time to myself. My very own writer release. Yeah, 1200 words is doable in one hour, it's only 20 words a minute, that's nothing when you got the writing fugue, for Christ's sake.

I am thinking of taking it to W.H.C. in Phoenix this year for the Gross Out Contest.

Tuesday, December 16, 2003

That's looking like the actual date in stone for the relaunch of TERROR TALES E-ZINE. The majority of the content is there right now, just finishing off and waiting on one or two articles.

you guys're gonna love it.

Thursday, December 11, 2003

It is with great pleasure that I announce a new venue willing to support the crazed (and now mostly axe-destroyed) psycho-figurative life-size paintings I did throughout the eighties and early nineties. Many thanks to THE HAMMOND GALLERY for allowing me this display area.

it's always good to air the old laundry

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

With a concerted effort, my third novel Yôroppa has just crashed through the 70,000 word mark and my aim of disintegrating all narrative content from the plot is moving along at a pace. It's a very odd exercise trying to UN WRITE a novel like this, but a worthy one.

At the same time, I am also directing the final touches to the redesign of Terror Tales. The content is beginning to swell the issue and the style is now all but perfect. It is understated, clean and real professional looking. It is gonna look unrecognisable to those regulars to the old Terror Tales in both presentation and content.

My Stoker non-fiction nominated interview book SPIDERED WEB is now also available through EBOOKAD