Wednesday, August 24, 2011

sci-fi-cafe press reissue THREE Hertzan Chimera novels in Kindle format

sci-fi-cafe press (who, in 2009, produced the excellent audiobook version of my "A Most Heinous Crime" short story) has secured the right to release my back catalogue of THREE full-length Hertzan Chimera novels in Kindle format. These novels hark back to a 'more innocent' creative period prior to September 11th 2001, a time when the whole world (and my psycho-realist or sex-horror fiction in general) was less polluted by the fallout of Conglomerate Dogma.

JANE'S GAME: The technicians at the Fountains Institute for Molecular Research thought they knew what they were doing when they wrote her program, they had written and rewritten her so many times why should this time be any different?

Well, this time made ALL THE DIFFERENCE.

Our heroine, “Jane”, goes AWOL during a routine secret service mission and, through a series of furtive relationships, starts to unravel who, or what, she might be.

TWILIGHT'S LAST GLEAMING: A crippled young man undergoes psychotherapy at the Fountains Institute – he tells of a small town where 'medical experiments' are helping to save the universe from civil war.

But is this a case of the dream inventing the dreamer? Or vice versa?

One world is transforming, softly, insidiously, into some sort of mechanoid society, while the other world is under the ruthless dictatorship of the ACGT Nomadix. But there's one person who seems to exist in both worlds and she is key to saving the universe.

THE HOO-HOO ARE COMING: If the walls of reality started to crack, would you be brave enough to push through? What would a technologically advanced race like the SZMOHNFU want with a back-waters planet like Earth?

There's a serial killer on the loose – he's killing anyone whose name is an anagram of Judas Iscariot – and what seems like an arbitrary list of deaths soon amounts to a galactic conspiracy against mankind itself.

The dolphins know about it. And so does 'legendary crap elvis' heavy metal star James Doray!

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These three novels are available from today through Sci-Fi-Cafe Press at Amazon and other great online distributors.

Trade paperback versions of these classic Hertzan Chimera novels are available for £6.99 from Chimericana Books.