Friday, October 24, 2003

After a great response and over 40 rejections, the writers of the final 23 stories to make it into Cyber Pulp's CHIMERAWORLD #1 anthology, edited by Hertzan Chimera, have been notified. The anthology will be out some time in early 2004 so keep tuned for all the details.

The 23 CHIMERAWORLD authors and their stories are:

Rickey George - Ugly Little Fuck
Steve Short - Need
Alex Severin - The Man With Absinthe Eyes
John Lawson - Twelve Hells of the Hell Licker
Stan Hinton - Rescuing Laura
Tony Richards - Stick
Kevin L Donihe - Swimmin in Endless Night
Isaac Fellows - Fixing Dad's Mice
John Peters - Mother's Last Wish
Kevin Anderson - Web
J. Miles - Feralust
William M Brock -- For that you Pay Extra
J. M. Heluk - Abacus Sliding
W. Bill Czolgosz - Letter To Giotto
C.C.Parker - The Perfect Cunt
polycarp kusch - advertising age
Jaime L. Burvato - In the Darkness
Queenie Tirone - Strange Breed
Ken Goldman - Boring, boring, boring...
Greg Beatty - The Woman From the Place of the Stones
T.M. Gray - A Matter of Ethics
Latricia L. Lane - Land of Electric Fire
L. Marie Wood - Love Nest

CHIMERAWORLD #2's submission period will be tightened to Sep 1 - Sep 30 2004, so get your grimmest nastiest, scariest stories ready - revised GLs to appear some time in Spring 2004.

CHIMERAWORLD is gonna shock many and delight more - 'nuf sed.

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

I have made the first moves towards the transformation of Terror Tales for its Xmas2003 relaunch.

See - temporary cover. - spells out the new editorial position and radical new content.


Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Today I sent out the first batch of rejection notices for CHIMERAWORLD #1 submissions - not an anviable task but it's done.

This leaves me with 30 more appropriate submissions (and any that come in in the final days of the submission period, end October) to whack into shape and see what works best as the 23 stories that will go into CHIMERAWORLD #1.

Here's how I decided to edit CHIMERAWORLD #1 - I had a not-going-in and could-go-in folder. This way I could say for sure that "the style of chimerworld will be like this" as I have my bulk of "could go in"s to now shape a nice cohesive collection from.

But that is not all ...

I have been a strict but fair editor and (where the story needed it) I have asked for some quite severe changes (be it cropping of the first paragraph (a common one this), be it length or pacing alterations, be it reshaping of narrative and losing or amalgamation of characters, be it restyling of the entire story) - absolutely all of the writers took on board these requirements, suggestions, call them what you will and both parties were more than happy with the results after resubmission.

It's been an interesting experience being an anthology editor and given the chance I will do it again (maybe with a tighter submission window of say The Month of September 2004 for CHIMERAWORLD #2) - there are some truly wonderful non-mainstream writers cowering in the dark corners of all of us.


Now to kick Terror Tales into shape for its Xmas relaunch.

This is gonna be great fun!

Saturday, October 11, 2003

In the coming months' run up to Xmas, psycho-erotic author Hertzan Chimera will be reworking the entire content of the Terror Tales website in a bid to relaunch it and expose more of the avant garde to the horror community. The relaunch issue will be based around the theme of BODY HORROR and will feature some really revolting articles, galleries, fiction and poetry.

"This re-interpretation of the TERROR TALES site will be something to set the slightly dusty horror literature wigwag on fire." an official source reveals.

Long live the new flesh

Monday, October 06, 2003

In a unique twist of fate, THE DODSLEY PAGES has just unleashed upon
the net the opening segment of Hertzan Chimera's long-anticipated
third novel, the 100,000 worder "YĆ“roppa".

Already garnering some very ego-shining comments on the page:

Comment-by-The Townsman
"I favour tales written in the first person narrative. However, it is only if the writer constructs a strong leading character through the early narration do I really sit up and take notice. To his credit, Hertzan achieves this without a doubt - Geoffrey is already up and running in my mind even after such a short excerpt as this.
For me, there was shades of Thomas Mann’s, Death in Venice in this work..."

Comment-by-M.J. Hewitt - Hertzan Chimera - Breaking Down Barriers
I have said this before but i will say it again, Hertzan Chimera breaks down all barriers, he is a true artist. His writing is scary, Dark, sexy, and full of power.When you talk about horror in this country, Hertzan Chimera is well up there with the best.

enjoy the madness.....

Sunday, October 05, 2003

The venue for the 2003 gathering was the Princess Louise pub near Holborn tube station in central London – a beautifully decorated pub with its own range of ales and host to more than a few gatherings and book launches in its time. By 2pm a steady trickle of authors had started to arrive and the introductions begun...

the full Chimera photo report of the gathering is now online

Friday, October 03, 2003

Hertzan Chimera's rather stunning sex-horror collaborative publication BFGS (formerly knows as boyfistgirlsuck) has received only it's second review. The venue is a forthcoming issue of BLEEDING SKY and obviously I won't spoil it by publishing the whole review, but here's a teaser:

"It makes little difference which section or story you (try to) read; virtually all these stories are the same. Depraved boy meets depraved girl, then they brutally rape, torture, mutilate and kill each other."

BFGS continues to upset even the hardiest horror reviewers, it seems.

buy BFGS from here, if you dare!

Thursday, October 02, 2003

Few of you may know this but Hertzan Chimera has written one or two poems in his thirteen years of writing. A brief selection of these poems called "I've got nothing in my head now" and a sexy cover designed by Mike Philbin is available for $1 download from BizarrEbooks.

Christ on a bike, here's what the owner of BizarrEbooks had to say about it, "Damn, your cover'll more than likely get me kicked from my hosting service, yet if I charge a buck for it, it will be the best selling thing on bEb. One way or the other... I'm charging for it, because let's face it... people love vulva. People click and purchase even on the vague chance that they may become one day closer to a vulva. External gentialia is the wave of the future." and I agree with him.

let the power of vulva dictate your purchasing clout!
Here's one for the completist Hertzan Chimera collector out there - The 2004 Cyber Pulp Halloween Anthology. This year it contains a whole heap of genre stars and there's a story in there (a classic in so many ways) called VIXEN-NAKED ULTRA-LUNCHEON by Hertzan Chimera. The anthology is a free download that will be marketed through about eight radio stations across America.

Last year's C.P.H.A. was downloaded 100,000 times and that's great publicity.