Tuesday, September 30, 2003

SPIDERED WEB - freaky interviews to take into the bath
Here's a scoop. Hertzan Chimera has interviewed (in his unique style) such horror luminaries as Jack Ketchum, Tom Piccirilli, Edward Lee, Charlee Jacob, DF Lewis and a plethora of others. Cyber Pulp will very soon be bringing out all these interviews in a single collection called SPIDERED WEB. Included in the collection are some rare interivews with Chimera himself, and some classic pieces of Chimera/Severin BFGS polemic too.

Cyber Pulp LOVE Hertzan Chimera, it would seem
When I first started using the Hertzan Chimera diet, I was putting away several big fat genre novels a WEEK, you should have seen the size of my book shelves!

Available in three original flavours, the Hertzan Chimera diet is designed so that you can dip into it when it suits you and unlike other sorts of pulp formulae, it comes in non-bleached Palm Reader format. It has changed my commuting life.

read the rest of the plan, here

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Cyber Pulp publishing, run by Bob Gunner, who recently agreed to bring out ebook versions of forthcoming Hertzan Chimera titles CHIM&HER (collaborative collection), CHIM&HIM (collaborative collection) and CHIMERAWORLD (anthology, H.C. editor) have upgraded the publication deal on these three titles to include trade paperback.

This is great news especially for CHIM&HER and CHIM&HIM as Chimera was holding back special Tricephallic (three writers as one brain) and Group stories for the paperback versions - they will become Collector's Items.

Friday, September 12, 2003

Hertzan Chimera's review of Greg Iles "artistic" thriller novel DEAD SLEEP has just surfaced on FeoAmante.com - hit the link.

Hertzan Chimera has five stories on THE ABSURDIST website - you can vote for them, as it would seem.

That's all for now.... more as it comes in.

Sunday, September 07, 2003

It was a crisp day in September when Hertzan Chimera met polycarp kusch (a fellow capricorn) in some pub near Paddington Station in West London.

The founder and administrator of both Absurdist World and BIZARReBOOKS and author of tremendous ebooks GOTT MILK, MACABRE and DECLINE IN THE HUMAN LIFE CYCLE turned out to be an absolute riot. He was lively, he was zany, he was totally uncontrolable. Yes, he lived up to his reputation as the bad-boy of avante garde lit, kicking up a fuss all down the Praed Road. I interviewed pk via the internet for Terror Tales way back in some warped out time and space and to meet him in person is to know that he is not only a unique writing talent, but he is a true charmer, he is, after all, polycarp.

Nice one, pk, that was a great day of international schmooze-skin-shinin'

Saturday, September 06, 2003

Double Dragon Publishing has agreed to bring out both his novels-- SZMONHFU and UNITED STATES--in e-book format. In the latest spate of e-book sale mania, Hertzan Chimera's collaborative culture shock collections, CHIM & HER (co-written with Charlee Jacob, Alex Severin, Amy Grech, Destiny West, Dawn Andrews, Brutal Dreamer, Queenie Tirone and Christina Sng), CHIM & HIM (co-written with DF Lewis, MF Korn, Mark McLaughlin, Simon Logan, Greg Wharton, Marc Sanchez, John Lawson and Vincent Sakowski), and CHIMERWORLD (Hertzan as editor, with the submission deadline by the end of October 2003) have all been snapped up by Cyber Pulp for e-book release in 2004.
Hertzan's new story up at The Dream People (a reprint from Redsine in 1990) called "The Getaway Girl" features a brand new photo-montage piece of sleaze art from Mike Philbin his-self!