Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Surreal and bizarre literature and poetry site The Dream People will feature a story be Hertzan Chimera called THE GETAWAY GIRL - there is a photomontage-style illustration for this by artist Mike Philbin.

Deliciously wild and probably all quite wrong in the best possible way.

Friday, July 25, 2003

In another swift acquisition, Cyber Pulp will publish the Hertzan Chimera conceived and edited anthology CHIMERAWORLD. There is already talk of making this an annual series. It's gonna be a stunner, here's the pitch:

it's a dark place your mind will never escape.

A collection of the most ferocious, the most relentless, the most wonderfully rendered nightmare landscapes ever witnessed in literary history. This is not horror. This is not sci-fi. This is not mystery. This is not thriller. CHIMERAWORLD exceeds all boundaries of taste and narrative.

You will journey through CHIMERAWORLD in the company of 23 of today's greatest authors.

Word limit 2000-4000 words strict. Deadline for submissions is End October, 2003. No reprints. Downloadable .pdf eBook, enhanced CD, and P.O.D. Contributors receive equal share of royalties.

Hertzan Chimera, editor - coming Summer 2004.

send submissions to
Well, this is quick news but Bob Gunner has snapped up the ebooks rights to Hertzan Chimera's CHIM & HER collaborative for a November 2003 release.

Wow, that WAS fast!

Sunday, July 20, 2003

It is with great joy that I can today announce that the ebook version of CHIM & HER is finished. The ebook version contains 24 stories, that's 63,000 words of purest CULTURE SHOCK fiction. Eight of today's most thought provoking (and twisted) female authors in full collaboration with Chimera, that's me.

Not bad going considering that I have a fulltime 3D artist&animator dayjob in the computer games industry and the collection was only started in January of 2003, that's 7 months ago. I picked up a book at Horrorfind 2002 in Baltimore called DREAD IN THE BEAST by WHC GrossOut Winner and mass-market horror writer (Leisure Books) Charlee Jacob, mailed her about the Chim&Her collaborative collection asking if she'd be interested in being a part of it, and she was.

There are a couple of bonus items that will make it into the paperback version of Chim & Her, publisher to be announced. A Tricephallic is a story written by a three-lobed brain, basically Chim + two of the authors - there will be four of these in the paperback version and there will be one group story to finish off the book.

In other double-candle-burning news: Vincent Sakowski has just come on board as the eighth and final male author in the Chim & Her follow up book, CHIM & HIM. This follow-up collection is looking like being finished by Xmas 2003.

I have uploaded both covers to the site and have activated relevant links.

Monday, July 07, 2003

I was thumbing through the virtual pages of Nevermore Magazine and there found that this quarter's featured author is Queenie Tirone (who I have interviewed before for Terror Tales and there she was shootin' her sexy li'l mouth off about our collaborative short story collection Chim & Her.

and I quote:

NM: So tell me about what you are working on now?

Queenie: Right now? Oh that's the Chim and Her collection for sure.
Nine Ladies and one Chimera. It's bound to be a scream.

NM: hmmm... tell me more...

Queenie: Well, Chimera writes with each lady. Me and him have three
stories. To each one he adds his touch to it, making the story turn
in strange ways. When two people come together to write something it
can really become wild. I have seen the first draft already, its
wild. The women involved have great imaginations.

NM: When can we expect to see it?

Queenie: Hmm... not sure but probably sometime next year. It will
definitely be E-book format. Hertzan is still looking for a print

Many thanks go out to Queenie for the advance publicity on this title.

Friday, July 04, 2003

A surreal new horror story BERT'S EARLY LIGHT by Hertzan Chimera has hit the web like a glob of grease, site by the name of Nevermore Mag.

This one's so wild, even I don't know what the Hell's going on.