Friday, May 30, 2003

A brand new review has just come through for the forthcoming second Hertzan Chimera trade paperback novel from Eraserhead Press (due for publication this summer from Eraserhead Press) - it's a corker because it's from me old mukka Mister Mark Samuels:

What do you do when you get a manuscript through the post that is an act of terrorism? I don't mean your white powder masquerading as anthrax wimp out act of terrorism but a fucked-up work of fiction that's been spewed from a printer that's broken down a quarter of the way through the job? I mean a work of fiction that's been stuck in a drawer by its author for years because he himself shat his pants on reading it? Do you stick the mss on the top of your computer and leave it to gather dust? I did.
But tonight I've taken it down and finally got around to reading the bastard. Since I know the author, one Hertzie Chimera, and I know the kind of sick fuck he is, and the sort of mind-screwing prose he likes to fashion, I confess: it was a daunting proposition.
In a work whose characters are named after the states of the final superpower, in a world where the certainties of Cold War M.A.D. have given way to James Bond villains like Saddam and Bin Laden, do we hail Hertzie as a prophet or a madman? Perhaps a prophet masquerading as a madman? Maybe even vice versa..
"Do you expect me to review?"
"No, I expect you to die Mr Samuels".
Now it's true that this reviewer has done his fair share of drugs, aspired to be a burnt-out De Quincey with a hard on, a remote control and a copy of "Buffy Goes to Strap-On Manor", but nothing prepared him for the mental gang rape and snuff ecstasy that is Hertzie's UNITED STATES. Anything before this book is a waste of your time. Even life. Because (and weren't you taught at school not to start a sentence with "because"?) life is a poor imitation of, no not art, but drugs. That's right. But in the UNITED STATES you don't need cash. The American Dream is right here. You can let those little ol' glands fire up some free serotonin or adrenaline or sperm. Whatever.
Enlightenment. Or Damnation. It's up to you. Choose your side. I know I have.

reviewed by Mark Samuels, author, bon viveur.

Thursday, May 29, 2003

There is an erotic horror story on Horror Authors Network called Vixen-Naked Ultra-Luncheon by Hertzan Chimera that amassed an amazing 4,000+ reads in an older incarnation of the site when other stories scraped through barely 1,000 reads.

It was at the number one Gallows Top Ten Most Wanted slot for something in the region of six months (!) Eventually, a story by Brian A Hopkins knocked it off the top spot. But there was something quite odd about this dethroning as it seemed to be getting far fewer reads per week than Chimera's old number one.
Horror Authors Network recently updated its site to a better server and reset its counters on each story page.
Again, Chimera's extreme sex horror piece has garnered more reads than any other writer bar Alex Severin by a factor of about ten.
If you look at the figures it should read:
1) Vixen-Naked Ultra-Luncheon by Hertzan Chimera (160 reads)
2) Bad Habit by alex Severin (130 reads)
3) Bullet Sex by Hertzan Chimera (120 reads)
4) Bad Habit2 by Alex Severin (90 reads)

the rest are languishing down in the tens and twenties.

Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Hertzan Chimera lays his soul bare in the sordid name of promotion of his published works and his subversive writing life.

REALM GOTHICA - a feast for the eyes & mind.
SHADOWS OF THE MARQUIS - a Misery inspired S&M inquisition.
SUSPECT THOUGHTS - a Blade Runner inspired interrogation.
ETERNAL NIGHT - a very 'informative' interview, raison d'etre and all that.
NEVERMORE MAGAZINE - Queenie Tirone, horror editor exposes Hertzan Chimera's greatest fears of his past, present and future.
THE DREAM PEOPLE (Inquisitor: John Lawson) - think De Sade chrashlands his time machine in Orwell's 1984 - let's see how Hertzan Chimera likes it up him!
SCARY VOICES - Hertzan Chimera spouts his filth all over the place in this scandalous monologue.
VAMPYRE EROTICA - this wonderful Blood Fetish site hosts The BANNED Brutal Judgement interview.
HOUSE OF PAIN - The legendary Dominatrix, Wraith, takes on Chimera & Severin!
FRIGHT WEB - FrightWeb trap Chimera & Severin in their interview killing jar!
REALLY SCARY - Harry Shannon gathers Hertzan Chimera, Alex Severin and Wrath James White round a sacrificial altar to discuss their Medium Rare Books collaboration BROKEN.

stay tuned for more revealtions close to the release of the trade paperback UNITED STATES.

Tuesday, May 27, 2003

CHIM & HIM - the CULTURE SHOCK collective, book II
Hot on the heals of Chim & Her comes Chim & Him - seven of today's most radical male authors take on Chimera in a battle to the death.
The Chim & Him collaborative stable is Mike Korn, DF Lewis, Mark McLaughlin, Marc Sanchez, John Lawson, Simon Logan, Greg Wharton (editor of the subversive Suspect Thoughts zine).

these two collaborative collections are swiftly nearing completion.
CHIM & HER - the CULTURE SHOCK collective, book I
It has been widely reported that there is a collection of collaborative short stories coming out soon from Hertzan Chimera entitled Chim & Her.
What's the story?
Hertzan Chimera has collaborated one-on-one, in threes and groups with many of the best alternative/extreme horror authors out there today.
Chim & Her, a 27+ story collection, sees Hertzan Chimera pitch his talents against nine of today's most exciting authoresses - Charlee Jacob, Alex Severin, Destiny West, Amy Grech, Dawn Andrews, Queenie Tirone, Doll Yoko, Brutal Dreamer and Christina Sng.

it promises to be enlightening, intense, disgusting and horrific.
The new sex-horror trade paperback collection BOYFISYGIRLSUCK from Massacre Publishing is being advertised on the official marketing site as "ribbed for your reading pleasure"

BoyFistGirlSuck is a fiction collection of such extreme fetish, horror porn, and deviant erotica, that even an ADVERTISMENT has been banned from a new, high-profile Alternative Culture magazine!
Hertzan Chimera, once described as the 'living embodiment of the Marquis de Sade,' and his delicious cohort in evil, Alex Severin, have given unholy succour to a fine collection of sex-horror nastiness. A 28 story collaboration of the most disturbing sex-horror literature ever written since the goodly Marquis hung up his quill; brought to you by two co-authors of the controversial 2002 release BROKEN.
BoyFistGirlSuck is an exploration of human experience and emotion. Chimera & Severin lead you into the underbelly of society - all life is here, from pre-history to post-apocalypse. The players are all here - the black sheep of the family, the tortured artist, the unborn, the Porn Star, the murderer, the Underground Icon, fetishists, vampires, sadists, goths, body modifiers, obsessives.

'Dark, erotic, edgy, tense, strange, and pure dead brilliant. This book will make more than the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.' -- Kailleaugh Andersson
Hertzan Chimera Unit Theory paper #1 (atomic cycling and hc rings) described how the Periodic table of elements could be analysed in a brand new way. Reactive elements could be understood in terms of constructive resonance and Noble element stability could be pictorially represented.
But what lies below the surface of an HC Unit? How is an HC Unit formed? Where does it, as a subatomic particle, get its gravity from? How does light interact with it?
We must go a long way back, not in history, but in scale. For too many years, the subatomic world (and quantum theorists in general) have blinkered humanity to the Big Issue.

Universal Equilibrium & the HC Unit
The Greek philosophers believed that 'Nature abhors a vacuum'.
This is the premise upon which HC Unit theory is base, applied at the universal scale.
All points in space fall towards each other.
HC Units keep things apart.
'Light' is Universal Equilibrium fill-in taking place at c.
These are the three basic tenets of Universal Equilibrium & the HC Unit.

Now, this seems like I have just done the easy thing and reversed well-understood physical processes. Having done this, however, the very structure of matter and its relationship to gravity and em radiation has shifted perspective from a sub-atomically fixated viewpoint to a macroscopic view.
HC Unit Theory allows as to see the subatomic generated by galaxy sized interactions – a more holistic paradigm.

All points in space fall towards each other
As all points in space fall towards each other, under a macroscopic non-matter gravity force, spiral galaxies the size of an atom condense from the forces.
Matter is a property of gravity – there is no matter without gravity.
Em radiation is a property of matter – there is no em radiation without matter.
Gravity is the medium for em radiations – ie. em radiation travels to the 'source'.

Below the excess energy threshold value (as shown by the secondary curves above and below the schematic HC Unit) we see that the no matter is formed. No free neutrons are found; only those that have had massive amounts of energy fired into them by a nuclear reaction process, which to me falls under the category of 'made in the lab' pseudo-particle.
Above the excess energy threshold, we get two types of matter, that which is spinning clockwise and that which is spinning anticlockwise relative to the axis of the spinning HC Unit's central energy focus. But spinning clockwise or anticlockwise to which axis? To all axes of our three axes? To four axes?
It is safe to say here that only the excess energy amounts to physical matter in our geometrical universe. It is not easy to approach a discussion of the possible extra-dimensional realm of the HC Unit for fear of bad guessing what may be a purely 3 dimensional mechanic.
If light travels towards matter, how do you overload an HC system to produce the extra wavelength push? What is the wavelength of UE fall-in?
As soon as one HC Unit overloads, it will induce neighbouring to overload. Any chance of this inducing mini Big Bangs on a regular basis in some location in space??

HC Units keep things apart
It is evident that the HC Unit is, in itself, not a physical object, as we understand the proton or the neutron or the electron of contemporary physics. In the same way that a heated column of air distorts the path of light passing through it, the perceived solidity of an HC Unit is merely a function of the structure that creates it.
Weyl's Tensors show evidence for gravity without matter but there is currently absolutely no evidence for matter without gravity. Which tends me to believe that it is the gravity component of Universal Equilibrium that is far more important than any number of new Fundamental-Force-Binding sub-atomic pseudo-particles grown in the lab.
Only the excess energy thrown off by the HC Unit can be considered 'physical' as we can measure such a value.

Light is Universal Equilibrium fill-in taking place at c
It became so obvious, when I looked at light going in the other direction that it is the universe that fills in at c rather than millions of tiny photons radiating out. In this way, you can have unlimited fill-in (light) without having to run down your source.

but what about the clockwise anticlockwise nature of this physicality. How does that relate to phenomena testable in the lab?

Monday, May 26, 2003

well, after a bit of a quiet period, the Hertzan Chimera story generator is once again burbling along like a slashed-throat kitten:

THREE WORKS : The Planet Eater, Confessions of Hfu-Szi-Ama & Torch Song @ MUSE APPRENTICE GUILD
DEVIANT MIND (co-writer Alex Severin, from our collaborative collection BFGS) @ MENTAL SHED
FUCK STAR @ WEIRD SPACE: part 6 - razors of the lost bitch
FUCK STAR @ WEIRD SPACE: part 7 - modificatum eli-x
ART OF HORROR - feature artist interview
five years after I took an axe to 32 lifesize, oil on hardboard, psycho-erotic paintings...

thanks for believing!

Sunday, May 25, 2003

As well as writing the most disgusting, hair-raising, subversive fiction around, Hertzan Chimera has been busy interviewing some of the horror genre greats: Alex Severin, Amy Grech, Charlee Jacob, Christina Sng, Destiny West, Edward Lee, Jack Ketchum, John Lawson, John Turi, Kurt Newton, MF Korn, Michael A. Arnzen, Monica J. O'Rourke, polycarp kusch, Queenie Tirone and Tom Piccirilli inclusive.

This is a brand new interview format that confronts the interviewee with their own twisted product.
The Hertzan Chimera website has been completely revamped for the Spring season of 2003. Now it's even easier to navigate to the relevant areas of the siteand there are now one-click solutions to Hertzan Chimera products, BOYFISTGIRLSUCK, SZMONHFU, UNITED STATES, ANIMAL INSTINCTS and THAT LITTLE BOOK OF MURDER.

free ebook, buy ebook and buy trade paperback options are available.